Church Building

Church Building
Since 1869, our beloved Saint Mark United Methodist Church has been a part of Christian life in Upstate South Carolina. Our founders had few resources and little education; yet through their unwavering faith, innumerable sacrifices, and tireless dedication, a great church was born! The rich history of yesterday is the foundation upon which we stand today to build bridges for tomorrow.

In the late 1860s, a small group moved out from Jubilee Baptist Church to organize a new church. In 1869, Father James Rosemond, a great church organizer, began worshipping with them under a "brush arbor." They built a simple brush covered shed to protect them from the elements. For the next few years, this would be the first meeting place of Saint Mark Church.

In 1877, a group of faithful church leaders saw the need for a permanent gathering place. Sacrificing many personal needs, they contributed the money needed to purchase 14 acres of land on what would later become Saint Mark Road. Charles T. Hopkins, Alexander Maxwell, and Wilson Cook sold the land to the church leaders for $150.00.The deed was recorded November 31, 1877, and signed by Trustee Board members - Caleb Priestley, John Priestley, Butler Lewis, James Greer, and Alfred Lewis. Shortly after the first building was completed in 1879, Saint Mark"s first pastor, Rev. George Gray, was appointed by the Methodist Conference. Since then, major updates and renovations took place in 1880 and 1924. With the pastoral leadership of Rev. Dr. Thomas J. Bowman, Sr., a $2 million dollar building project was envisioned to completion and consecrated on August 18, 2002. The new edifice includes an educationalw ing, administrative offices, a 250-seat fellowship hall, and an 800-seat sanctuary. Upon completion of the building project, the old sanctuary became the Saint Mark Community of Shalom Center, currently referred to as "The Annex" or "Building 9-0-1." In 1972, Saint Mark Methodist Church, along with other Black Methodist congregations in South Carolina, made history by "uniting" with White Methodist congregations to form the South Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. As a result of this history making merger, Black Methodists in South Carolina now comprise the largest Black constituency in American United Methodism.

Church Congregation

Church Congregration
In 2008, Saint Mark received the appointment of its first female pastor, Rev. Janice Frederick-Watts. Reverend Watts served our congregation and community faithfully until 2013.

On June 25, 2014, during the business session on the last day of the South Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Saint Mark United Methodist Church reached a major milestone in its history by becoming a stationed-church. This distinction moved the church from its 145 year history of sharing pastoral leadership with a sister-church and made Saint Mark a single-church appointment for a full-time pastor. At that time, Reverend Telley Lynnette Gadson became the first full-time pastor in the church"s history.

Saint Mark, is affectionately known as "The 9-1-1," was blessed by the visionary leadership of Reverend Telley Lynnette Gadson ("Pastor T") for 8 years. Her bold infectious tenacity has served us well in forging the way to a new spiritual dimension. With the clarity of our Mission, Vision, Motto, Prayer, Purpose, and Partnership, we see God"s promises manifested in each opportunity to keep the F.I.R.E. burning as we W.O.R.K. to building God"s kingdom here on earth. For these things and so much more, we declare, "To God be the Glory for the great things God has done!"


The mission of Saint Mark United Methodist Church, "The 9-1-1,"" is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


The vision of Saint Mark United Methodist Church, "The 9-1-1,"" is to focus our time, energy, and resources on becoming a vital congregation. We will do so by making intentional efforts to reach, welcome, teach, and nurture the people of God who are the body of Jesus Christ.


This Church is on F.I.R.E.!

Walking by FAITH Living to INSPIRE Gracefully REDEEMED Serving with EXCELLENCE to the Glory of God!

Listing of Pastors

Rev. Charles L. White, Jr. - 2021
Rev. Telley Lynnette Gadson - 2013
Rev. Janice L. Frederick-Watts - 2008
Dr. Thomas J. Bowman, Sr. - 1992
*Rev. E.E. Jenkins - 1991
*Rev. James Bradley, Sr. - 1988
*Rev. Collie Moore - 1987
Rev. Lloyd A. Sawyer - 1986
Rev. J.J. Montgomery - 1980
*Rev. Percy Carter - 1976
Rev. George Manigo - 1970
*Rev. O.J. Nelson - 1969
*Rev. F.G.C. Dubois - 1967
*Rev. C.F. Ferguson - 1964
*Rev. E.E. Jenkins - 1958
*Rev. H.O. Mims - 1952
*Rev. F.L. Lawton - 1948
*Rev. T.H. Fisher - 1943
*Rev. C.F. Ferguson - 1942
*Rev. D.S. Curry - 1940
*Rev. J.P. Russell - 1939
*Rev. G.A. Goins - 1938
*Rev. T.W. White - 1936
2 *Rev. A. Knox - 1929
*Rev. J.C. Martin - 1926
*Rev. R.R. Williams - 1920
*Rev. M.B. Mason - 1918
*Rev. J.R. Graham - 1913
*Rev. G. A. Townsend - 1911
*Rev. H.W. Williams - 1910
*Rev. J.C. Martin - 1907
*Rev. W.F. Smith - 1903
*Rev. C.B. Lowery - 1900
*Rev. I.L. Hardy - 1899
*Rev. S.S. Sparks - 1896
*Rev. S.S. Thompson - 1889
*Rev. G.W. Beckham - 1887
*Rev. H.F. McElwee - 1884
*Rev. Benjamin Roberson - 1883
*Rev. S.A. King - 1880
*Rev. George Gray - 187